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Storing An Antique Auto

Technically, an antique auto in Texas is defined by the DMV as a car that is at least 25 years old and collectible. In real terms, a car is an antique because it is old and special to the owner in some way. Indeed, cars are classic, or antique, based on each individual collector’s assessment of them. If you see the beauty of a car and want to invest the time and effort to restore it, it qualifies as an antique or classic vehicle from your point of view. Because antique cars are uniquely valuable, an enthusiast should know his or her car storage options for such vehicles. To get a quote for antique auto storage, call Fort Worth Car Storage at (817) 999-0980.

When you become the owner of a classic car, or an antique car you consider a classic, you need to account for a variety of costs. For example, if the car needs restoration work, you need to consider those costs, even if you decide to do most of the work yourself.  In addition, you will want to insure your vehicle and you will find that antique auto insurance policies stipulate that the insured vehicle must be garage kept or stored in a secure vehicle storage facility. These policies are specific about the three kinds of car storage that meet their requirements.

Climate Controlled Car Storage

The insurance companies are fond of owners who store their antique autos in car storage units. These units are fully enclosed like a garage and allow the vehicle to be driven directly in to the unit and parked inside and secured. The units are generally climate controlled and offer full protection from the elements and from the sun’s damaging rays. Because of the high value of some antique cars, climate-controlled car storage is generally the best option.

Many collectors like to keep their cars close at hand and so often they are stored in residential garages attached to the homes of their owners. Unfortunately, often the collection outgrows the capacity to house it because few collectors can pass up an antique car bargain when one comes along. Some newer homes even offer the option of climate control in the garage space because it has been converted to a workshop. Otherwise, with valuable antique cars, a collector car storage with climate control is often the best option for preserving a valuable vehicle.

Preparing an Antique Auto for Storage

No matter which option you choose, you should take steps to prepare your antique vehicle for storage. Before putting your vehicle away for long-term car storage, you should ensure that it is tuned up and that any mechanical repairs have been made. You should check the tire pressure and have the car professionally detailed inside and out. Wash and wax the exterior and have a professional clean the interior so that the car is put away in as close to showroom condition as possible. Fill the gas tank. In addition, consider arranging to have your car driven every few months to prevent the tires from wearing unevenly. Fort Worth Car Storage offers premium services that can assist you some of these items.

antique auto storage

Choosing a Car Storage

There are several factors that antique car owners should consider when choosing a place to store an antique auto.

  • Antique Auto Expertise– Fort Worth Car Storage is owned by a car collector and staffed with car enthusiasts. We have been storing classic and antique cars at the same Fort Worth address for more than 30 years.
  • Security– The Fort Worth Car Storage facility uses many of the same security features as the very best exotic car dealerships. We have a state-of-the-art alarm system and 24-7 video monitoring.
  • Climate Controlled Car Storage– We offer the very latest in climate-controlled storage for the preservation of antique and collector cars.

For a car storage quote, call Fort Worth Car Storage at (817) 999-0980.

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