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Active Duty Discounts
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Soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines know a lot about human nature, and most chose not to temp it. Most opt for long term secure car storage, rather than trusting that a prized auto will stay parked while they are far from home.

Active Duty Military Car Storage Discounts

Fort Worth Car Storage offers secure car storage for your car, truck, or SUV or motorcycle and offers discounts to members of the armed services on active duty (ID required). If you have more than one car to store, ask about multi-vehicle storage discounts.

Secure Car Storage

When you’re deployed, you should not have to worry about whether your vehicle is safe. When you reserve a spot at Fort Worth Car Storage, you will be asked to provide a list of people authorized to remove your vehicle from storage and ID for each of them. No one not on your list can get anywhere near your vehicle. The Fort Worth Car Storage facility is fenced, video monitored, and protected by a state-of the-art alarm system.

Local Ownership

Fort Worth Car Storage is owned by a Fort Worth-based entrepreneur and auto enthusiast, Ron Sturgeon. With more than three decades in business, Fort Worth Car Storage has the experienced staff to care for your car the way that you would. Sturgeon was recently featured on CNBC’s Blue-Collar Millionaire because of the success of his auto-related businesses.

Short- and Long-Term Car Storage

When you are deployed it’s not always easy to tell how long you might be gone. We offer flexible storage leases that are month to month with low minimum storage requirements. We strive to be easy to do business with and know that deployments are not predictable and that what starts as short term can easily become long term car storage during a deployment.

Premium Services

If you would like to have your car detailed while it is our facility or have staff members keep up your maintenance logs or periodically drive the car, these services are all available from Fort Worth Car Storage. Ask your representative for details. Oil pans, trickle chargers, and car covers are also available for purchase.

After Hours Access

You can even get your car after business hours by appointment. Ask your rep for full details about how this service works.

Car Storage For Car Enthusiasts, By Car Enthusiasts

The staff members of Fort Worth Car Storage are genuine auto enthusiasts and are always eager to talk with a fellow enthusiast. Whether you’re storing your daily driver, a perennial best-in-show winner, or a project car that you haven’t had time to finish, we will be glad to find you the right space at an affordable price.

Come Meet Us

We are happy to give you a tour of our car storage facility and to help you find the space you need. We are grateful to you for your service to our country and glad to offer you an active-duty military storage discount. To arrange a tour, call (817) 999-0980. Please bring active duty military ID to qualify for discount for military storage.

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