Indoor Vehicle Storage

Indoor vehicle storage is incredibly important if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, and there are certain steps you must take to protect your vehicle before you leave. Read this article and then for more timely suggestions call Fort Worth Car Storage at (817) 990-0980. We are standing by to assist you with your long term car storage.

Why indoor vehicle storage?

Besides the obvious reason of security (a car is safer from vandalism if locked indoors), you should always consider indoor car storage to protect it from the climate of your particular area.

When speaking about climate, most people just think of the sunshine and how that sunshine can dull the paint on a vehicle, but there is a more important consideration, and that is oxidation.

In areas with extreme temperatures, like Texas, extreme temperatures form oxidation, which is actually a change in oxygen molecules.  When molecules change they cause microscopic changes in materials like wood, cloth, leather, as well as electronics and computer parts . . . in other words, many of the surfaces and components on and in your vehicles will suffer damage if left outside for months.  And it is not enough to simply cover your vehicle because oxidation will occur underneath that vehicle cover. The only way to avoid oxidation in items left for a long period of time is to store those items in a climate controlled environment.

Steps you can take for long term auto storage

If you choose to have a friend or relative take care of your vehicle storage while  you are away, there are several things you need to do before handing that vehicle off to them.

  • Fill it up with gas so moisture does not form in the gas tank.
  • Change your oil before leaving.
  • Ask them to store your car in a garage; indoor auto storage is always preferable to outdoor car storage, even if there is no climate control.
  • Ask them to periodically start up the engine and if possible drive your car around the block once per week or once every two weeks.
  • And fill up the tires to guard against the tires loosing air and forming flat spots on them.

All of those steps will help, but nothing helps like indoor vehicle storage with security monitoring and climate control. When your vehicle safety is of utmost importance to you, nothing says safety like storing your car at a place like Fort Worth Car Storage.

You have our number. Give us a call!

What will we do for you at Fort Worth Car Storage? We will treat it like it is ours. We will prevent oxidation with our climate controlled car storage.  We will keep it out of the sun, but we can also offer special services like periodic maintenance, periodic short drives, cleaning, and detailing. We are car enthusiasts at Fort Worth Car Storage. We are owned by a car collector.  We know what it takes to protect a car during car storage, and we take every step necessary to protect your vehicle.

Why risk it?  You paid a lot of money for your vehicle.  Why risk it in grandma’s garage? Why worry about whether you friend Ted will remember to drive your car each week? Turn your car over to the pros at Fort Worth Car Storage and rest assured that it is receiving the very best in indoor vehicle storage.

Our number, again, is (817) 990-0980.  Call us today!

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