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Fort Worth Car Storage is locally owned and operated by serial entrepreneur and car collector Ron Sturgeon. There are many benefits of storing your car at a car storage that is locally owned and operated.

  • Locally Owned and Operated Equals Better Client Service: Having an owner on the premises generally results in better customer service because no one cares about car storage clients the way the owner of the car storage business does. When the owner is in the building, a business often does a better job of staying focused on its clients.
  • Local Ownership Means Faster Fixes: Locally owned and operated car storage means that no one must call a home office in another time zone to get owner input on an issue. Ron’s business offices are in the same building Fort Worth Car Storage uses for climate-controlled car storage. Getting owner-input at Fort Worth Car Storage is as simple as walking across the hall. As a seasoned entrepreneur who has run many auto-related businesses Ron knows how to resolve issues in ways that help him be a long-term business success.
  • Locally Owned Car Storages are Client Focused: Locally owned and operated car storages are more responsive to client needs. At Fort Worth Car Storage, we’re a nimble local company. Need to arrange after-hours pick up of a stored vehicle? We will get it handled. We strive to be the easiest local car storage to do business with, whether you are storing one vehicle or many.
  • Local Owner-Operator with Ties to DFW Business Community: The owner and staff members of Fort Worth Car Storage live and work in DFW. They have a stake in the local community and sponsor local events and give to local causes. Ron is a frequent speaker on topics related to entrepreneurship at local business events.
  • Local Car Storage by a Car Enthusiast for Car Enthusiasts: The owner of Fort Worth Car Storage has had a life-long affection for the automobile. In high school, he raced street rods and started a business buying, fixing, and selling cars. Eventually, that business became an auto salvage when Ron realized he was making as much money selling parts from his boneyard as he was turning a wrench. Gradually it grew from one employee to one of the largest auto salvage operations in the United States with a specialty in parts for imported luxury vehicles. Ron’s success in the salvage business earned him an appearance on CNBC’s Blue Collar Millionaires. Eventually, Ron sold the business to Ford in the late 1990s. In addition to owning and operating this business, Ron also started a local auto-salvage auction in DFW and funded its growth using an oversubscribed private stock offering. In the 2000s, he and three partners eventually repurchased Ford’s struggling automobile salvage division, GreenLeaf, executed a turnaround, before selling it to a publicly traded company. Ron Sturgeon has had a life-long affection for automobiles and is himself a collector of exotic and luxury automobiles. Ron also owns RDS Real Estate a commercial real estate company in the Fort Worth area.

Before you store your vehicle be sure to ask if the auto storage facility is locally owned and operated. Many happy Fort Worth Car Storage clients can testify to the difference that local ownership makes. Ask and they will tell you that locally owned and operated car storages deliver better service because owners are onsite.

You have a choice. Be sure to store your vehicle with a locally owned and operated car storage like Fort Worth Car Storage. You will find you get better service, faster responses, and will be doing business with a company with three decades of experience providing secure vehicle storageto car enthusiasts in DFW.

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