Texas Car Storage

Why do you need Texas car storage?  Why not just park your car in a neighbor’s garage while you are gone, or for that matter why not park on the street or in your driveway?

We are Fort Worth Car Storage, and we aim to answer those questions for you in this article.

That’s our name and it is a name that means reliability, trust, and peace of mind in the vehicle storage business.  Call us at (817) 990-0980 for information about our packages and rates.

Secure Vehicle Storage

There was a recent poll which asked that very question, and the number one response was security. People want to know that we have secure vehicle storage for their prized possession. They want to know that their vehicle will be safe for as long as it is in storage, and by golly we do our best to deliver on that need.  We have a state-of-the-art alarm system, the kind you would expect at a storage facility which houses collector and exotic vehicles.  We toss in video monitoring as added protection, because when it comes to storing your car, there is no such thing as being too safe.

As much as we would love living in a perfect world, and Texas is pretty close to perfect, there is still vandalism and theft to be concerned about, and we’ve got you covered in the security area.

Contact us at jenniferk@rdsinvestments.com and let’s get you a quote for your vehicle.

What more do you want from a vehicle storage facility?

The second thing people said, in that recent poll, they wanted in a vehicle storage company was easy to access.  Our location makes for easy access, as easy as you could hope for in a city the size of Fort Worth, at 5940 Eden Drive. Our car storage facility is in a nondescript building that is monitored 24-7.

And then we have to talk about that Texas weather, Number Three on that poll.

With summers looking at temperatures constantly over one-hundred degrees, climate controlled storage is a must.  Oxidation can ruin the interior, exterior, and electronics in a car, and oxidation happens mighty fast in Texas.  Our climate-controlled car storage protects your vehicle against oxidation, meaning your car will look exactly the same the day you pick it up as the day you dropped it off.

Fair price at Fort Worth Car Storage!

And finally, on that recent poll, people said they wanted a fair price for the vehicle storage, and we took that to heart as well at Fort Worth Car Storage. We have a variety of premium services, depending upon the things you would like us to do during your car storage.  Listen, we readily admit we aren’t the cheapest car storage facility in the Greater Fort Worth area, but we can say, considering the degree of security and peace of mind associated with our storage facility, we are competitive in price. We offer two basic packages, plus other services, and we offer short-term and long-term storage. There are discounts available and you should ask our representative about them.

So here’s the bottom line: Fort Worth Car Storage is locally owned and operated by a car enthusiast and car collector.  It is the most secure vehicle storage facility in the area.  It is climate-controlled and it is price competitive. It is run by people who understand a man’s love of cars.  We get it! We really get it! When you leave your car with us, you are leaving it with people who will treat it like the prized possession it truly is.

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A brief guide to help you choose good car storage

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