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You have a ton of options if you are looking for vehicle storage in Tarrant County.  Let’s take a look at those options and hopefully shed some light and make your choice easier.  You can also call us at (817) 999-0980 for more answers to your questions.

The least-expensive car storage option

Quite simply, you can find a friend or relative who will allow you to park your car or truck in their garage, or on their lot.  Without a doubt this is the least-expensive option you have.  It is also the least secure and offers the least amount of peace of mind.  Put in real-life terms, if you want to store a 1998 Ford Ranger, go this route.  If you want to store a 2018 Ford F-150, do not take this option.

Mini-storage option

This is the middle ground of car storage Tarrant County.  Most self-storage facilities offer secure vehicle storage.  Most have move-in specials and reasonable rates.  The only thing they don’t offer are amenities related to the care of your vehicle while in storage.  They are readily available and reasonably inexpensive.  As long as there is easy access and wide aisles for easy access, this is an option worth considering.  And places like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage even offer climate controlled car storage for cars, so the hot Texas sun won’t even be a factor in your decision.

Car storage facilities

This is your top-of-the-ladder option, and there are several to choose from in Tarrant County.  At a car storage facility you will find secure vehicle storage, climate controlled vehicle storage, and a list of amenities related to car care while you are gone.  Yes, these amenities cost extra and yes, generally speaking, car storage facilities cost more than the other options, but you get what you pay for.

What factors should you consider?

Security is, of course, important.  Your very least expectation should be that your auto will be free from vandalism and theft.

Cost is, of course, important.  A mini-storage facility will cost you between $125-$175 per month for car storage.  An actual car storage facility will cost you between $250-$400 per month.  The question you need to ask yourself is this: how important, and how valuable, is your car?  Is it worth $400 per month for auto storage?  Do you really need what amounts to collector car storage for a 2002 Toyota Camry?  Only you can answer that question.

Wherever you decide to store your vehicle, make sure you ask about move-in specials to help defray some of the overall cost.

About Fort Worth Car Storage

We have been in the business of vehicle storage in Tarrant County for over thirty years. We are locally owned and operated. In fact our owner, Ron Sturgeon, is a car collector, and he keeps his own vehicles in our secure vehicle storage facility.  We are proud to say we are one of the very best car storage facilities in Tarrant County. Yes, we cost more than a self storage facility, but we are worth the extra

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