Long Term Auto Storage

There are a variety of reasons why you would need long term auto storage.  There are also a number of steps to be taken should you decide upon long term car storage. This article should help to clarify this topic.  If, after reading this article, you still have questions, call us at (817) 990-0980 and we can answer your questions.

Why long term vehicle storage?

Long term indoor auto storage happens daily, thousands of times, across the United States. Military personnel are called upon to leave their homes for far-off locales, often for six months or more.  Business people are asked to travel to offices in other states for training or to give training.  Students go away to college.  Vacationers go to Europe for extended stays.  No matter the reason, they all face the same decision: what to do with their prized auto possession?  Leaving it in the driveway for months is not an option, certainly not with local crime the way it is.  Leaving it with a friend is a possibility, provided you have great faith in that friend.

Or people decide to pay for long term indoor car storage from a company like Fort Worth Car Storage.

More on us later, but hold onto that phone number that we gave you earlier.

What preparations can you take for long term car storage?

Whether you decide to leave your vehicle with a company like Fort Worth Car Storage, or leave it with a trusted relative or friend, there are a number of steps to take to ensure your car remains in good condition.

  • Always top off the gas tank before leaving your car for a long time.  Over time, moisture can form in less-than-full gas tanks, and that moisture can greatly affect the way your vehicle’s engine performs.
  • Fill up the tires to maximum air capacity. Again, over time, vehicles sitting in one place can develop flat spots on the tires, and the development of those flat spots will greatly reduce the life of those tires.
  • Have your oil changes before putting it in storage.  An oil change will prevent grimy oil from infiltrating your engine while it sits idly.
  • Cover your vehicle. This is especially important if you are leaving your vehicle with friends or relatives. Nothing spells exterior damage like a vehicle left uncovered under the unforgiving weather.
  • And arrange for someone to periodically start up your engine while you are gone; ideally that same person will drive your vehicle to keep that engine running at peak performance during the months you are away.

The other option is long-term auto storage at a storage facility.

Places like Fort Worth Car Storage will take care of your car with secure vehicle storage. It is operated by car enthusiasts, people who appreciate a fine machine and who know what it takes to protect a car over time.  Besides storage, Fort Worth Car Storage offers premium services like detailing your vehicles, minor upkeep and maintenance, and even periodic driving of your car.  When you leave your vehicle with Fort Worth Car Storage, you can leave it with the peace of mind which usually only comes from your own personal care.

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