What Is Bubble Storage?

The ultimate climate controlled storage option for your car.

bub·ble stor·age

/ˈbəb(ə)l/ /ˈstôrij/


  • a heavy plastic enclosure over a vehicle with filtered air that keeps the inside temperature consistent with the outside temperature so as to eliminate moisture.
  • a special protective car storage option at Fort Worth Car Storage.
Options for secure vehicle storage

Bubble storage is the absolute best method of protecting your car against damage while it is being stored.  Bubble storage is, literally, a protective bubble around your car, a womb if you will, which keeps your beloved possession completely free from damage.

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The specifics of bubble storage

Storing your car in a bubble seals your treasured vehicle away from dings, dust, dirt, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests, while presenting it in a show quality display. Described as a “Touch-less Car Cover”, it provides ultimate protection, yet never touches the vehicle. The bubble is supported by heavy duty and resilient inflatable air columns, and features a front panel which zips open and away, allowing the vehicle to simply be driven in or out.

The bubble uses  Evaporative Storage Technology (E.S.T.) technology, which exchanges air inside the bubble with filtered outside air 3-5 times every hour, keeping the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside and eliminating moisture that could condense on the vehicle.

The advantages of bubble storage

Any conversation about the advantages of bubble storage must begin with the protection it provides. Even in an exotic car storage facility there is always the possibility of dust damage or some rock chip doing damage to the paint.  Bubble storage eliminates that possibility.  It is literally impossible for dust damage or chip damage to occur with bubble storage.

One of the advantages we hear most often is the fact that the bubble is see-through, allowing for the owner to always be able to see his/her prized possession while it is under that protective air cover.  To anyone looking for collector car storage, having the vehicle visible is an important consideration.

Possible concerns about bubble storage

Let’s put to rest several concerns we have heard about bubble storage.  Can rodents chew through the bubble seals and heavy plastic?


Described as the “ultimate protection” for a vehicle, bubble storage is rodent free!

Can the zipper cause scratch damage to the paint when the cover is being placed over the car or truck? Theoretically yes, it could, but not when our professional storage personnel place a car in the bubble sealer.  With amateurs a scratch is possible; with pros a scratch is not possible.

Are there various sizes for the bubble storage?  Most definitely yes, there are!

Fort Worth Car Storage and Bubble Storage

Bubble storage is available at Fort Worth Car Storage, for six-month and twelve-month storage leases. View our rates for car storage and bubble storage. It is an additional fee per month on top of the regular storage fee.

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