Long Term Auto Storage Tarrant County

Regarding long term auto storage in Tarrant County, there are a few things you can do to prepare your car before beginning your vehicle storage.  Let’s take a look at that “to-do” list, and then if you have any questions you can call us at (817) 999-0980 for more information. We are Fort Worth Car Storage, and we do long term auto storage better than anyone.

Preparing for car storage

An understanding of your car, and how it works, will best prepare you as you get ready for long term auto storage.  Your car is comprised of moving parts, and moving parts will cease to work if they are allowed to sit for a prolonged period of time. This is especially true of the internal combustion engine.  When the engine is running, fluids move throughout the engine, lubricating parts and keeping them at a high level of functioning.  If the engine is not running, the opposite is true.  Parts are not properly lubricated, and the engine, over time, may suffer some damage.

First-rate car storage Fort Worth companies will have options for you to consider regarding car care. Many have, among their amenities, special packages you can opt for regarding this facet of car care. They will run your engine weekly if you wish. Some will even drive your car or truck periodically to keep it sharp.

Tires should be considered before long-term auto  storage

Tires will gain air, or lose air, depending upon the temperature and climate. In hot temps, your tires will gain air.  In cold temps, your tires will lose air.  It is always a good idea to inflate your tires before staring your car storage period, and if you are going to be gone for a long time, make sure someone moves your vehicle periodically so that the tires do not form flat spots from sitting too long, or to make sure the tires do not lose all of their air over time.

What else can you do?

Make sure your fluids are all filled to proper levels before storage begins.  This includes the gas tank. A filled gas tank will prevent moisture from forming within the tank, which could eventually gum up your engine. You can also arrange to have your car covered while in storage to make sure the paint job is in no way damaged while you are gone.  And you might also seriously consider climate controlled car storage to prevent oxidation from happening in extreme temperatures.  Oxidation can ruin paint jobs and most surfaces on your car, so climate controlled car storage might very well be worth the extra money, especially if you have an expensive vehicle.

We are Fort Worth Car Storage, and we’ve been taking care of cars in Tarrant County for over thirty years. Give us a call and ask your questions.  We specialize in collector car storage, so we are accustomed to giving the very best car care for the very best cars.  We are locally owned and operated, and we will do our best to help you make decisions regarding long term auto storage in Tarrant County.

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